Omega Station

Standard Tasks

First Things First:

Are you sure you even need to make a roll? If a task is everyday, and the situation doesn't involve undue pressures, there's probably no need to bother.

Just about anyone can make notes in a book, drive a car down a street, or boil a kettle.

In other words - don't waste time making unnecessary Task checks.

Simple Tasks:

The simplest of Tasks generate their Task Rating by adding two appropriate stat(s). Lifting a heavy object would involve Strength + Strength, for example, whereas jumping might need Agility + Strength.

If the character also possesses an appropriate Simple Skill, they can add that to their TR, too.

Simple Tasks are jobs that anyone can at least attempt - something that doesn't require specialised skills or knowledge.

Standard Tasks:

The most common game situations, in which a character is under some pressure to succeed, are Standard Tasks.

Generate the Task Rating by adding an appropriate stat to an appropriate Skill.

Sometimes the task requires a specific skill - piloting a 747, for example - someone without Pilot skill is just not going to succeed. Sometimes it doesn't - jumping over a pit, for example. Anyone can try a task like this, although they'll do better if they have the right skill.


Of course, all tasks are not the same - some pits are wider than others - and the Ref should apply modifiers as appropriate to the situation. See Modifiers.

If there's more than one person co-operating on the Task, see Helping Each Other.

Some Examples:

Simple Tasks:

Jumping over a pit:
Agility + Strength (+ Athletics Simple Skill)
Trying to hear a faint sound:
Acuity + Acuity (+ Listening Simple Skill)
Listening out for 'anything unusual':
Intelligence + Acuity (+ Listening Simple Skill)
Running a long way:
Strength + Stamina (+ Run Long-Distance Simple Skill)
Lifting a heavy object:
Strength + Strength (+ Weightlifting Simple Skill)
Holding a car up while a tire is changed:
Strength + Stamina (+ Weightlifting Simple Skill)
Making a good impression upon a first meeting:
Charisma + Acuity (+ Charm Simple Skill)
Intimidating by ripping a telephone directory in half:
Strength + Strength (+ Intimidation Simple Skill)

Standard Tasks:

Scoping out the situation when entering a Royal Ball:
Acuity + Etiquette Standard Skill
Bluffing past Customs:
Charisma + Bureaucracy Standard Skill
Finding a fence:
Intelligence + Streetwise Standard Skill
Staying awake all night on the computer:
Stamina + Computer Use Standard Skill