Omega Station

Cumulative Tasks

Some jobs are too long and/or complex to be resolved with just one roll. They may involve a series of steps, or just a lot of hard graft.

The Ref needs to decide on two things - the Time Period, and the Cumulative Successes required to complete the job. The character(s) attempting the task are allowed one roll for each Time Period that passes, and total their successes as they go along, according to the following table:

Quality Level: Cumulative Successes:
Alpha 1
Beta 2
Theta 3
Omega 4

Once the total of Cumulative Successes equals the amount decided on by the Ref, the task is complete. Note that failed rolls may subtract from this total, if the Ref desires, or just waste time. A really spectacular failure might even reset the total to 0, or have some other catastrophic (or dangerous) effect.

The Time Period can range from tens of seconds (defusing a simple booby-trap) to years (developing the atom bomb).

As before, see also the rules on Helping Each Other and Modifiers to the Task Rating

An Example:

Fric the Boxman is attempting to pick a very complex lock, while trying not to be discovered by the town watch. The Referee sets a Cumulative Success target of 10 and a Time Period of 30 seconds. Wincing, the player starts to roll.

For every roll made, 30 seconds of game time passes. In six rolls she gets one failure, three Alpha results, one Theta and one Omega. So Fric reaches the Cumulative Successes and picks the lock in three minutes, narrowly avoiding the guard, who enters the alleyway just as she closes the door behind her.