Omega Station


Omega Station is an old project by Simon English and myself (Adam Taylor), born of a conversation in a freezing chalet at European Gen Con many years back. It was intended to be a time-travel / alternate universe roleplaying game with a semi-realistic system...unfortunately time concerns and things like work caught up with us, and it was never finished.

But! Between us we came up with a lot of good material, both as background and for the game system, and it seems a shame to leave it languishing on our hard drives.

This site is divided into two parts. Firstly, there's the background material and colour; here's where you'll find what Omega Station actually is, who the Shapers and Unmakers are, and discover the future of the Universe.

The other pages take you step by step through the Omega System, which is both simple and generic - because of the nature of our background, the system had to cover all possible settings. You are at liberty to use this system in any roleplaying game, as long as it is not published or reproduced in any other commercial work. If you should be commercially interested, contact us for permission via .