Curriculum Vitae - Adam Taylor

thaddeusleaf @ removethisbit
Mobile 07593 181 680

About Me:

I'm expert in HTML5, CSS3 and modern JavaScript, especially with regard to Accessibility and cross-browser issues. I've built large data-driven scalable accessible and responsive HTML5 sites that work across a wide range of devices and platforms, using LESS, SASS, and other tools. I'm comfortable creating and maintaining layouts built using flexbox and CSS grid, as well as older methodologies like floats.

I've also got many years of professional experience in AJAX/DOM manipulation, including use of modern Fetch and Promise-based async. I have worked with many JavaScript frameworks, including Angular, jQuery, Prototype and MooTools, in both OOP and class-based environments. I've delved deeply into large-scale enterprise-level web applications with hundreds of thousands of lines of JS code.

In recent years I have concentrated on ES6-8+(ES2015, ES2016, ES2017), and have been able to leverage their new syntax and functionality in recent roles, reducing code complexity and obviating the need for much of the otherwise standard third-party libraries and modules. I'm happy with traditional Require-based modules and their native equivalents, Web Workers and intra-page messaging, and the pros and cons of front-end persistent stores.

I'm experienced with several version control (e.g. Git, Subversion) and CM systems, as well as Jira and similar task management methods.


Professional Experience: