Alternative Systems for AD & DTM

Skills & Abilities#2

Non-Weapon Proficiencies

While the system for using NW Proficiencies as given is OK, it does have a couple of odd features. The first is that it doesn't allow for someone Untrained at an NWP to have a try at the task in question. The second is that new Proficiencies are given out only when a character goes up levels; it's difficult to rationalise why killing twenty or so Ogres should provide you with the conceptual leap to learn Literacy... I try to solve these problems below. This system for increasing ability with a NW Proficiency should be applied carefully, in order to avoid PCs rapidly becoming over-Trained.

When created, PCs gain the normal starting number of NW Proficiency slots to spend. From the table below, the NWPs they choose begin at the Trained value, with a +3 to this value for each further slot spent, after the first. All other NWPs begin at the Untrained value. In my home campaign, there's a whole slew of modifiers to these starting values applicable for race, nationality and class. Note that Per is the new attribute Perception.

No further NWPs are gained by increases in Level. Instead, any successful use of an NWP in stressful or difficult circumstances allows a chance to improve that NWP. No more than one opportunity to improve a given NWP may be gained each month. The chance to improve is (20 - Current value of NWP), roll under on 2d10. A successful roll permanently adds 1 to the characters' score for that NWP.

Alternatively, a teacher may instruct a character in any NWP that the teacher has at a value higher than both his own Untrained value and the pupil's current score. The instruction takes a month of work by both, and as long as the teacher succeeds at their own Teaching NWP roll, the pupil will gain a free roll for improvement at a -3 bonus. The DM might allow this teaching to have taken place in 'off-hours', without having to rigidly allocate time, but should be wary of multiple teaching sessions going on simultaneously.

NB: Anything below marked with * is a thief skill. As such, they're free at Trained level to Rogue classes (for Hide In Shadows and Move Silently this includes Rangers), and cannot be taken as Trained by other classes. All these NWPs should be modified by race, nation and class.

All classes can improve these NWPs as normal. See here for more on these skills and situational modifiers.

NW ProfUntrainedTrained
Acting (WIS+CHA)/3 (WIS+CHA)/2
Agriculture WIS-6 WIS-2
Alchemy INT-12 INT-2
Animal Handling WIS-6 WIS-2
Animal Lore INT-4 INT
Animal Training WIS-6 WIS-2
Appraising (WIS+PER)/3 (WIS+PER)/2
Area Knowledge WIS-6 WIS-2
Armourer (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Artistry PER-6 PER-3
Astrology INT-10 INT-2
Blacksmithing (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Blind-Fighting PER-8 PER-4
Boating (STR+DEX)/3 (STR+DEX)/2
Boatwright (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Bowyer/Fletcher (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Brewing INT-6 INT-2
Butchery (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Carpentry (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Cartography INT-8 INT-2
Charioteering DEX-6 DEX-2
Climb Walls* DEX-12 DEX-4
Cobbling (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Cooking WIS-6 WIS-3
Dancing DEX-4 DEX
Disguise (WIS+PER)/3 (WIS+PER)/2
Endurance CON-6 CON-2
Engineering INT-8 INT-3
Escapology DEX-12 DEX-4
NW ProfUntrainedTrained
Etiquette CHA-4 CHA
Find / Remove Traps* DEX-14 DEX-6
Fire-Building DEX-8 DEX-3
Fishing (DEX+WIS)/3 (DEX+WIS)/2
Forgery (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Gaming (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Gem-Cutting (DEX+PER)/3 (DEX+PER)/2
Healing INT-8 INT-2
Hear Noise* PER-12 PER-3
Heraldry INT-8 INT-3
Herbalism INT-10 INT-3
Hide In Shadows* DEX-12 DEX-4
History, Ancient INT-6 INT
History, Local INT-4 INT
Hunting (DEX+PER)/3 (DEX+PER)/2
Intimidate (STR+CHA)/3 (STR+CHA)/3
Jumping STR-6 STR
Languages, Ancient INT-12 INT
Languages, Current INT-8 INT
Leadership (WIS+CHA)/3 (WIS+CHA)/2
Leatherworking (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Lipreading PER-6 PER
Locksmithing INT-12 INT-3
Magecraft INT-8 INT-2
Mining (WIS+CON)/3 (WIS+CON)/2
Milling WIS-12 WIS-4
Mountaineering (STR+CON)/3 (STR+CON)/2
Move Silently* DEX-12 DEX-4
Musical Instrument (DEX+PER)/3 (DEX+PER)/2
NW ProfUntrainedTrained
Navigation INT-10 INT-3
Open Locks* DEX-14 DEX-6
Pick Pockets* DEX-12 DEX-4
Pottery (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Riding, Land (DEX+WIS)/3 (DEX+WIS)/2
Rope Use DEX-8 DEX-3
Running (Distance) CON-8 CON-2
Running (Sprinting) STR-8 STR-2
Seamanship (DEX+WIS)/3 (DEX+WIS)/2
Set Snares (DEX+PER)/3 (DEX+PER)/2
Shipbuilding WIS-10 WIS-3
Sign Language (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Singing 2d6 roll 2d6+3 roll
Sleight of Hand DEX-8 DEX-2
Smelting (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Stonemasonry (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Style (WIS+CHA)/3 (WIS+CHA)/2
Survival WIS-8 WIS-3
Swimming (Distance) CON-14 CON-2
Swimming (Speed) STR-14 STR-2
Tailoring (DEX+PER)/3 (DEX+PER)/2
Teaching WIS-8 WIS-2
Tightrope Walking DEX-10 DEX-3
Torture (WIS+PER)/3 (WIS+PER)/2
Tracking (INT+PER)/3 (INT+PER)/2
Trading WIS-6 WIS-2
Tumbling DEX-8 DEX-2
Ventriloquism PER-10 PER-4
Weaponsmithing (DEX+INT)/3 (DEX+INT)/2
Weather Sense (WIS+PER)/3 (WIS+PER)/2
Weaving WIS-8 WIS-3
Whitesmithing (DEX+PER)/3 (DEX+PER)/2