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Who's Who at FOAS

The Who's Who

What follows is just the introduction to the 'Who's Who', the whole of which briefly describes the participants in FOAS (as they are perceived by Julian the Scrivener; inaccuracies are entirely in character). The players had access to the complete document a month or two prior to the Freeform - in many cases the information contained therein is all they knew about another player's character, so it bears study...The only characters whose descriptions do not appear are the Reserves, who were intended to appear only if and when one of the primary characters died and a player was left without a role. If you're interested in them or any others mentioned, you'll have to obtain the full character sheets from us - see the first page of this Website. Note that the people named to the right of each character's name are our illustrious players, some of whom appear in the photos on this Website in their costumes. Do note that you can download the whole Who's Who in Word format.

The Feast of All Souls'

The Awakening

A General Introduction and Background,
as Prepared for Your Edification by Julian,
called The Scrivener,
on Behalf of Her Majesty Ana the Dove.

London! Ah, what splendours are conjured by the very name! The heart of the civilised world, a beacon of reason and of power shining out across the seven seas!

'As above, so below'

So power amongst the Mortals is mirrored with their betters, the Vampyres. Here is the soul and strength of the Camarilla, its First Court, its New Rome. On the night of the Feast Of All Souls you will encounter the finest and most influential Kindred of all, become part of their machinations and involved in dealings that may shake the very foundations of our world!

As Victoria rules the waves, and the gunboats of the Empire enforce the Pax Britannica, so London under Ana the Dove wields the power amongst Kindred. The Prince (She dislikes the term Queen; do well to remember!) has held sway here for almost one-and-one-half thousand years, since She wrested control from Her Sire Mithras. With Her advisors, the Primogen, She rules with a grip of steel, and brooks no challenge to Her authority. London has no Anarchic presence, and the uncouth Sabbat dare not land here for fear of Her fury. To those new to our Kingdom, I add this caveat - we are not a democratic institution, as the mortal Government of these Islands claims to be. You exist here upon the nightly sufferance of your Prince, and impoliteness, protests raised too vehemently or outright rebellion will result in the cessation of your Unliving activities. Many, could they yet converse, would attest to the veracity of this warning. This is not to say that the events of the night to come will be staid, nor that they will not quicken the blood, but be aware that a civil tongue before Ana the Dove is a vital component of your continuance.

As befits a city of many Domains, London is divided between its Kindred in the manner of a Feudal Kingdom of old. Each of you who holds permanent residence here claims a portion for his own, bequeathed to you by your Prince, and further overseen by your Primogenitor. Our rulers demand the right to feed in any area held by their underlings, and so Ana Herself may take vitae from any Kine of London, and your Primogenitor may hunt in your own territory. Remember at all times that the eyes of the Vampyric world are upon us, and that here we uphold each Tradition of the Camarilla with our very Unlives, and that, like the others, the Tradition of Domain is the subject of much conflict and political sport.

Ah, but why, you ask, this night's occasion? It will be known to those resident in London that none may address our Prince directly on pain of Final Death, instead requesting an audience with one's Clan Leader. Those who wish to Sire a new Vampyre must first go to the Keeper of Bonds, Cardinal Buscossa, and those that desire the Blood Hunt called upon an enemy must inquire of Sebastian. Similarly, introductions to the Kingdom must pass through the hands of Fabian. These intermediaries therefore wield great power, able to delay the ratification of a request by simply failing to pass it on to the Prince, and this causes great friction.

On this one night the rule is relaxed - tonight all may ask to speak to their Ultimate Ruler, and to put to Her their grievances and territorial disputes. If you wish to beg favour, to repay Prestation, or to gain influence and status, this is the night to make it known. This night Ana will hold Court for Her grateful subjects, and Her decisions will shape your lives for many years to come. Pay your respects to Her, for this night is the anniversary of Her ascension to the throne, and is Her gift to you in remembrance. It is a great and glittering event, held each hundred winters, and is alive with intrigue, politicking and diplomatic dealings! For most it will be the first opportunity they have had to visit the Prince's Haven at the Tower of London, and in addition, representatives from other Courts of the Camarilla will be here to pay fealty to the First City, and the finest ambassadors and courtiers of Europe will be present. You are privileged to be invited, and in future years your presence on this night will attest to your status amongst our kind.

London, 1888

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