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Recent Events of 1888


Below are a few extracts from the Recent Events document that each of the players received for FOAS. This was intended to provide a few tantalising clues as to what was actually going on in the Kingdom of London; many of the plots appear here, in some disguised form or another. Note that the term 'Recent Events' is somewhat relative - we are talking about potentially immortal beings, to whom 'recent' can be quite some time ago... Should this whet your appetite, you can download the whole thing here. Bear in mind that nothing is truly what it seems here - the real story can only be understood by reading all the character sheets.

Recent Events

2nd - 5th September 1666 - The Great Fire
Much of London burns. Many Toreador and Nosferatu are lost, but Clan Brujah suffers worst of all - some five Elders meet Final Death. Her Majesty Ana is attacked near her Haven by an unknown assailant, whom She eventually defeats. The city lies in ruins and the vampire Kingdom is left in chaos.
14th October 1666
Ana slips into Torpor. While She sleeps, Sebastian, in consultation with Julian the Scrivener and the Primogenitors, rules the Kingdom of London. Sir Guillaume's eldest Childe, one Thomas Carlyle, announces that his new Domain will be within the Brujah fiefdom of Liverpool, as he been disallowed his London Domain by Sebastian upon fleeing the city during The Fire.
6th December 1666
Ana recovers from Torpor. She announces that the rebuilding of the city and the Kingdom should begin immediately, and that from this moment She will be known as the Dove, in commemoration. Clan Tremere offers the use of a Ghoul, one Nicholas Hawksmoor, a gifted architect, in the rebuilding of London.
4th July 1717
The Lady Agrippina, Master Mincing, MacHeath and Nicholas Hawksmoor found a small Elysium on the Charing Cross Road for the 'Wild, Witty and Wicked' Childer of the Age of Reason. The Elysium is named 'Lagado's Chocolate and Coffee House', and the little Coterie, calling itself the Gallants of Laputa, becomes renowned for the volume and volubility of its opinions.
10th May 1762
John Blackthorne goes East to the lands of Burma and Siam. Clan Gangrel forfeits its right to the woods of Brixton, Streatham, Dulwich and Herne Hill. Amidst much confusion, Clan Gangrel put forward Lewis, Childe to the Primogenitor Cador, as a 'Speaker' for their Clan. As there is no objection from Cador, the petition is accepted.
13th July 1789
François Villon, Prince of Paris, snaps into Frenzy. The insanity seems without end, as all Clans flee the Methuselah's madness except his own brood, who fall thrall, defenceless before the terror of Puppet Mastery. Clan Nosferatu are exterminated without mercy, the remaining few hiding deep below the Cathedral of Notre Dame, appealing to the Lords of the Camarilla to defend their ancient rights. Klaus of the Rhineland, Primogenitor for the Nosferatu Kindred of Paris, fights like a demon, but is eventually forced to flee. Her majesty Ana the Dove is in deep council with her Primogen at this time of turmoil.
17th July 1789
Klaus of the Rhineland appears before Her Majesty Ana the Dove and asks for sanctuary, pledging his allegiance in return. His request is accepted, but his wish to represent Clan Nosferatu as Clan Leader is refused, as Richard III already holds the position. Master Klaus asks if the current Primogenitor would be averse to defending his position in single combat. Richard agrees to this and is suggesting time and place when Master Klaus steps forward and tears Richard's head and spinal column out of his body. He observes to the Prince that there appears to be an empty seat on the Primogen council for Clan Nosferatu, and asks most humbly if it would be possible for him to fill it. For the first time in many years the Prince laughs, and gives Her agreement. The residue of Richard's body is destroyed by the Prince's Ghouls, barring one vertebrae, which Klaus gives to Eliza as a keepsake.
31st October 1830
A mysterious magickal error at the Mayfair Chantry leads to the Regent Dietrich van Der Decken and his minions being forcibly ejected from the building by an unnamed force. Van Der Decken and his Chantry take up residence in the surrounding environs of Berkeley Square.
22nd June 1838
Agassa of Clan Toreador presents herself and her master Ramosa of Thebes, to the Court.
1st August 1838
Melmoth of Clan Toreador steps down from the Primogen Council, resigning that place to the Egyptian, Ramosa of Thebes. The obelisk, later referred to as 'Cleopatra's Needle', is placed on the Embankment at Ramosa's request.
20th September 1861
Cador speaks for the first time in 600 years, at a Primogen meeting when business interests of the Clan Royal require the building of a road through Epping Forest, traditionally the territory of the Eldest Clan. Lord Cador says 'No' and the rights of Clan Gangrel are upheld.
28th February 1865
Reports of violence among the East End Gangs. Edwina Slater the 'Roaring Gel' accuses fellow Childe of Clan Brujah, Greta, of inciting the mortal mobs to attack the pawn shops on the Commercial Road, Whitechapel. The Neonate's response is unrecorded.
19th - 24th June 1877
Fighting breaks out in Whitechapel, Wapping, Limehouse, Bethnal Green, and along the docksides. 'The Roaring Boys' and assorted allies battle the combined forces of the Brujah Reverend William Williams and the Ventrue Meacham Squires. The deaths of two Kindred, two Ghouls and eleven Kine bring about the intervention of the Metropolitan Police. The Prince declares that the fighting will cease, and the conflict dies down.
13th November 1887
A banned Socialist demonstration goes ahead in Trafalgar Square. The Metropolitan Police attempt to halt it and are fired upon by armed men. Under the orders of Sir Charles Warren the Royal Horse Guards charge, dispersing the crowd, with many casualties. The riot is believed to have been stirred up by anti-Monarchists and Fenian sympathisers.
12th August 1888
Three mortals claim to have seen a troop of small green creatures dancing in Kew Gardens. In the same newspaper, an infestation of spectres is claimed at the Old Queen's House in Greenwich.
14th August 1888
Christchurch is attacked by arsonists. The north wing is burnt down but no other damage is sustained.
22nd August 1888
St Anne's at Limehouse is attacked by arsonists. The church sustains some damage, but is saved. However, the Reverend William Williams, Childe to Greta of Clan Brujah, meets Final Death in attempting to save his parish church.
25th August 1888
Appearances of ghosts, wraiths, et al are reported across the capital; fairies have been seen in Kensington Gardens, and a mermaid is sighted in the river towards Richmond. Spectral Black Hounds of huge size and glowing eyed beings have been seen all around the areas of Charlton, Plumstead and Greenwich. Seances and table-tapping are suddenly rife among the Kine, and all Kindred are warned to be wary.
7th September 1888
Several large meat markets in the East End complain that in some strange manner the legs of many cattle have been neatly removed, and the animals have to be destroyed.
30th October 1888
Richard Dadd, Childe of Pater, discovers a seemingly insane Kindred wandering the Waterloo area. He determines this to be Nicholas Hawksmoor, once Ghoul to Necessè Est, and takes him to visit Pater in order to ask if this is a new Malkavian Childe. Pater simply laughs.
31st October 1888
The Feast Of All Souls

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