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Other Freeforms and Writing Collectives:

Mortal Wombat are just one of a number of similiar collectives involved in writing Freeforms. As far as we are concerned, the grandparent of our bunch was Machiavelli Games, who produced the wildly successful series of Ars Magica freeforms Dragon Rising, culminating in the 120-player three-day event held in November 1996, a Grand Tribunal of magi, truly one of the pinnacles of gaming I or anyone else there have been involved in.

Sadly, MG as a vital entity is no more...but do not despair! W.Ian Andrews and various other reprobates continue to lead the way as The New World Order. They recently ran a re-vamped version of The Levant, first of The Lion and the Serpent series of Ars Magica freeforms, this time with an expanded LRP system. I didn't make it there myself, but did attend a blisteringly sunlit Thebes tribunal in July 2002, and almost managed to get myself Twilighted into oblivion... Next came Transylvania; and an opportunity to approach the dread Drakon Vek...

Others include The Gestalt Entity, a collective engaged in writing a possibly endless set of AD&D -based Freeforms. Their last, The Dead of Winter, was set in an abbey unfortunately transported to Ravenloft. A fine time was had by all, and evil was defeated (for the moment). The Gestalts are now putting together The Carnival of Spiders, set in an Underdark community and featuring a number of reprehensible characters. Referee Prime for TGE is the irrepressible Morgan Nash, born from an egg on a mountain top.

There are many other concerns, often coming together just to write one event - it's a terribly incestuous business. We estimate that some 200 players are part of the Freeforming community we know, hailing from all over the UK - the Mortal Wombat refs and personnel are involved with running or playing in all of the above, as are many of the players mentioned on this website and in the Who's Who. They're an amazing bunch of people, all in all, and include some of the best roleplayers we've ever met.

On a smaller scale (but no less ambitious) are the infrequent but dedicated Cthulhu Live games of Gavin Hutchinson and Richard Bennett. These people have really long-term plans for live CoC. So long, in fact, that we suspect them of being Old Ones themselves. Tell them Mortal Wombat sent you.

When Stirs The Wombat?

Good question. Various circumstances have conspired against us; prospects for The King's Demons mega-Freeform are looking bleak (although the quantity of background material already written means that it can never really be abandoned). Even La Belle Epoque, the early twentieth-century follow-up to FOAS, is not looking too likely for the moment. Shame.

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