Mortal Wombat

The Credits

The Credits

Original Conception:
Debbie Gallagher
Brainstorming and Plots:
Debbie Gallagher, W. Ian Andrews, Adam Taylor
On-Floor Refereeing:
W. Ian Andrews, Adam Taylor, Paul Tucker, Kevin Margetts, Ian Crowther, Kath Banks
Props and Technical Consultant:
Ian Crowther (the Proplord)
Ramosa's Sarcophagus:
Pete and Helen Wright
Editing and Administration:
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor

Characters and Backgrounds:

W. Ian Andrews:
Admiral Jellicoe, Archbishop Cromwell, Count Radu Oradea, Countess Berenice Oradea, David Lord Soulis, Deacon Brodie, Destrega, Dietrich van Der Decken, Elizabeth St.George, Giamatteo Giovanni, Giles FitzAllan, John Dee, Lucas van Oysten, Lumiere (with Kath Banks), Mors Liberalis, Nicholas Hawksmoor (I), Pieter de Font du Breche, Richard Dadd, Twinkle, Thomas Carlyle, The Patrician, Xavier. Clan Backgrounds: Giovanni, Tremere, Tzimisce. The Society of Peers background. Who's Who (with Adam Taylor).
Debbie Gallagher:
Agrippina, Andrew Winchester, Arachne, Diamante del Mare, Elen, Francois Villon, Gilles de Rais, Julian, Klaus, L'Assassine, Lewis, Melmoth, Orlando (with W. Ian Andrews), Pretty, Pater, Prudence. Clan Backgrounds: Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu. Recent Events.
Adam Taylor:
Alexa, Cardinal Buscossa, Charles Warren, Countess Riemar, Doctor Polidori, Duke of Clarence, Edwina Slater, Fabian, Francis Dashwood, John Blackthorne, Lo-San, MacHeath, Meacham Squires, Nawab Nataraja, Necesse Est, Nicholas Hawksmoor (II), Nicolai Vasilyitch, Ranavalona, Sindharan, Sir Guillaume d'Alceras, Spider Joey, Wilberforce Ravenhurst. Clan Backgrounds: Brujah, Toreador (with Kath Banks), Ventrue. East End background.
Paul Tucker:
Eliza, Finsbury, Greta, Lady Anne Wilde, Lili, Lucky, Master Mincing. Children of Lir background.

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