Curriculum Vitae - Adam Taylor

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About Me:

I'm a creative, skilled and efficient developer who is hugely enthusiastic about the Web in all its forms. I'm an independent learner, able and willing to spend as much of my own time as necessary to crack a problem - solving problems in an elegant way is something I love. I'm a born communicator, verbally and in writing, and able to put across complex concepts in an entertaining and relaxed way.

I'm expert in (X)HTML, HTML5, CSS2/3 and JavaScript, especially with regard to Accessibility and cross-browser issues. I've built large-scale Responsive HTML5 sites that work across a wide range of devices and platforms, using LESS, Require and other tools.

I've also got professional experience in AJAX/DOM manipulation, XML and XSLT, .NET and PHP. I have worked with several of the most well-known JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, Prototype and MooTools, in an OOP environment. I've delved deeply into large-scale enterprise-level web applications with hundreds of thousands of lines of JS code.

I've built large-scale MVC-based sites, using Backbone and Handlebars in a custom build system leveraging server-side Node.js.

I've built and managed SQL Server databases through several versions. I've created many sites from scratch and redesigned many more. I've been very successful with building sites for SEO, especially with Google.


Professional Experience: